ICEAS Salé - Conference venue

The ICEAS’23 Conference will be held in High Technology Salé, a modern, multidisciplinary school located in Salé city. Its vocation is to train versatile senior technicians, highly qualified as collaborators of engineers and managers.

Salé is a moroccan city that It is located on the Atlantic coast of the country, on the right bank of the mouth of the Bouregreg, opposite Rabat. It is bordered to the east by the province of Khémisset, to the south by the prefecture of Rabat, to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and to the north by the province of Kenitra.

If you come from Rabat to visit Salé, you can take the Rabat tramway, very practical, recent and ultra modern!

From the center of Rabat, the journey is direct and will take barely 10 minutes and you will pass over a bridge over the Bouregreg which offers a beautiful view of the mouth of the Bouregreg.

In Salé, get off at the Gare de Salé stop or at the previous stop, Bab Lamrissa. These 2 stops are located near the medina, just in front of the ramparts.

If you come from another city in Morocco, know that Salé is served by the train. It is therefore possible to reach Salé from most major cities in Morocco using the train.

If you have a little more time during your visit to Salé, do not hesitate to stroll through the medina, randomly through the streets. It’s always a pleasant experience and it’s also an opportunity to discover historical monuments of the city.

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